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About my family and first steps
About my family and first steps

About my family and first steps

During my early years as a photographer, I met my future wife, Mirella. She worked as a graphic art director for an advertising agency. After several years of friendship, we were married in 1988 and started working together. Our talents complemented one another since numerous aspects of photography and graphic arts are closely related.

Mirella and I shared a passion for the bow and arrow, and during those years we enjoyed this hobby very much, taking time to participate in a number of competitions on the weekends. During one of these events, I won a knife. I did not like the plastic scales on the handle, so I decided to replace them with an attractive pair of wood scales. This was my first step into the world of knives.

I am self-taught in a number of aspects of knifemaking. In 1995, I traveled to the United States to work with the great master Steve Johnson in his shop in the state of Utah. Observing Steve as he made knives like only he can do really opened my eyes to great possibilities and provided perspective on the techniques that produce beautiful custom knives of unparalleled quality.

Our daughter Gaia was born the following year, and Mirella and I decided to live in the country. We found a home in the mountains of Liguria, near the seacoast, and I began to make knives professionally. I built a nice shop, equipped with belt grinders, polishing machines, drills, a surface grinder, lathe, a pantograph for inlays, an oven for heat treating, and all the other equipment necessary to make the highest quality knives possible. Mirella is an accomplished artist, and she began working with scrimshaw. Her talent has resulted in beautiful engraving on fossil ivory and other materials.

While working as a custom knifemaker, I also maintained my photography studio, primarily for documentation and articles describing my knives and to photograph the knives of several friends who are collectors.