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Art Knife Invitational Portfolio
Art Knife Invitational Portfolio

"Art Knife Invitational  Portfolio"

Author  Francesco Pachì
Photography  Francesco Pachì 
History text by Steve Shackleford 

Printed  in October 2019
Presentation Photo Book sizes cm. 25 x 35
72 pages printed in high quality metallic paper
Premium leather cover with insert in acrylic glass

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In recent years I have had the privilege of being invited to San Diego
to take pictures of what I believe to be the most important
knife show in the world: the Art Knife Invitational.
I was lucky enough to shoot photos and make books for a large number of knifemakers
and collectors, and working for the AKI and its history of cutlery is a challenge
that I have always accepted with great enthusiasm.
After all these years I felt the need to assemble in a portfolio some of the photos
I took in San Diego for the last four editions of the Art Knife Invitational,
photos which conveyed my strong emotions more than others.
Like all my digital books, I wanted it to be printed in very few copies where
the first word was “Quality”: the photographic recording, the computer processing,
the print on the best high-grade presentation paper, the details of the leather binding.
In short, to create a book that became an object to collect
at the same level of the marvelous masterpieces that it contains
 in order to highlight their absolute beauty.