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William F. Moran Jr. - Forever a Legend
William F. Moran Jr. - Forever a Legend

“William F. Moran Jr.  Forever a Legend”

Authors  Francesco Pachì – Steve Shackleford
Photography Francesco Pachì 
Text Steve Shackleford
Book sizes cm. 25 x 30
272 pages with hard cover

Price Euro 100,00 + shipping




Finally the book on Bill Moran life and work was presented the first days of June 2015
at the “Blade Show” in Atlanta and this new great adventure is arrived at the end.
The time to produce it was very long, I spent two years and many trip in USA to meet the collectors that own some fantastic Bill’s knives and shoot them.
Very important for me was spent ten days in Frederick-Maryland where the Bill Moran Foundation restored the original Bill’s shop. Here with the great help of Jay Hendrickson (Foundation’s president) his wife Nancy I photographed many important knives that the Foundation has in the Bill’s Museum and many interesting various objects that Bill made in his life that are preserved inside.
Every subject was photographed against a neutral background, which was then eliminated during the processing by inserting the final background.
This allowed for maximum and consistent control of light on the subjects.
For photograph the knives, I used an optical bench precision camera. It provides great control of perspective and depth of field. This camera was complemented by two exceptional APO-Digitar lenses from Schneider Optics of Germany: 120mm/5,6 aspheric and 150mm/5,6.
The P25 Phase One digital back completed the basic photo equipment.
For the lighting system I used Tota Lights from the Lowel company.
After the shots started the long work in studio to process all the images and complete the layout of the book, my wife Mirella and I did it with Apple computers and Eizo monitors.
I’m very happy of the result of this book having the great opportunity to work on the knives of Bill Moran and know better the man that really created part of the modern knife-making history.


Francesco Pachì