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Katanas & Japanese Weapons
Katanas &  Japanese Weapons

Katanas &  Japanese Weapons

In June 2012 I was contacted by the “Kasumi” company in St. Petersburg (Russia), specialized in the research and sale of ancient and modern swords and Japanese weapons. They wanted to make a limited-edition photo book for the opening of a new showroom in Moscow. This was a wonderful occasion and a great opportunity to come into contact with the fascinating world of Japanese Katanas.
Photographing these weapons isn’t easy at all, and there are many problems and difficulties to be faced during the shoot, starting from Katanas’ size and weight. Handling sharp and very valuable blades, which should be placed under the lights of the set and moved without causing the slightest scratch on them and avoiding the risk of any injures, is a very difficult task and requires great concentration and skills while shooting.