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Custom Digital Books
Custom Digital Books

Custom Digital Books

When I worked in the advertising industry, I produced many nice photographic images. They were used only during the life of a particular advertising campaign, and soon they were laid aside.

When I stopped making custom knives, I became determined to produce something lasting in photography, something that remains forever, just as a knife remains prized by its owner. I thought, "I made custom knives. Why can't I make custom books?" This was the beginning of the idea to produce books specially designed for each customer, books that are objects of art in themselves, printed in a relatively small number of copies, to remain as treasured possessions forever. So, I discussed my concept with several prominent knife collectors, and they agreed enthusiastically.

In most cases, only a few copies are produced, and the collectors give them as gifts to close friends, or the books remain in the family as a beautiful record of the collector's lifelong passion. The quality of each book must be absolutely the finest, from the metallic paper used for the pages and providing a near three-dimensional aspect to the images that seems to allow the viewer to touch the knives to the leather covers with inlays in Damascus steel and engravings. Everything is done so that the publication achieves the maximum level of quality.

I do not attempt to force customers to agree to produce books. For me, the most effective form of advertising is the happy, satisfied customer showing the book that publishes his knife collection to another interested collector. Often, I work simultaneously with knifemakers and collectors. The creation of a book requires time to photograph the knives, develop the pagination, and to print the book. This may take months or more than a year.

Therefore, while I am working on different book projects, I am completing custom books for collectors and other books printed in the traditional offset method. Like the knives themselves, these beautiful, high-quality books are lasting works of art. They provide a visual record of the subject knives for generations to come.